Cashless Stores Alienate Customers in the Name of Efficiency | WIRED

BRANDS INCREASINGLY SEEK to provide “frictionless” experiences—a sense of ease and efficiency that enables users to engage with them on their terms. However, in a small but growing number of cases, frictionless means eliminating cash as an accepted payment method. This is a seemingly minor but significant shift in the retail landscape. As a society, it signals a shift away from inclusive commerce toward what might better be described as the age of the preferred customer. Click link for more: Continue reading Cashless Stores Alienate Customers in the Name of Efficiency | WIRED

The transhumanists who are ‘upgrading’ their bodies – BBC News

In her right hand, she has had another microchip implant that acts as her business card but could also be used to store important medical information for use in the case of an emergency. The 31-year-old engineer also has a magnet in one finger that allows her to sense electro-magnetic fields, which she says helps in her work. But not all her body upgrades are practical. Her latest procedure is to have two LED implants, that turn on when a magnet is passed above them, illuminating her skin from inside. Why? “Because they are sparkly and I’m a magpie,” she … Continue reading The transhumanists who are ‘upgrading’ their bodies – BBC News

What’s the Difference Between False Peace and True Peace?

Before filing for divorce a co-worker prayed to God about her intentions. After praying about it, she said a sense of peace flooded her soul. God had given her peace (so she thought). So, she filed for divorce the following week. Did she experience false peace or true peace that’s founded on the word of God? False peace is the type of peace Balaam felt or received after asking God over and over again, if he should go with Balak to curse Israel, after God had already told him not to go with him (Numbers 22:12)? After he kept asking … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between False Peace and True Peace?

Is China’s ‘social credit’ surveillance system coming to America? – The Christian Post

China’s “social credit” system, a high-tech operation that tracks and assigns points in relation to the daily activities and behavior choices of its citizens, is being developed in Silicon Valley.

The Communist government’s digital efforts, which have been in place since 2014, to control the actions of the people has been extensively utilized to manipulate them into compliance with their preferred way of conduct.

Reports indicate that it is increasingly common for Chinese people who refuse to go along with what the regime deems as good behavior to be denied the ability to travel by air or business class train tickets, among other things. Thus, if people want to live a normal life they are incentivized to keep their social credit score positive.

Although not sponsored by any government entity, similar efforts are underway in the United States. Meanwhile, talk is emerging of cyborgs and non-human beings taking over the world.

In a Monday Fast Company essay, Mike Elgan explained that private companies such as Uber and Airbnb are employing tactics that mimic the Chinese state. Continue reading Is China’s ‘social credit’ surveillance system coming to America? – The Christian Post

Godly Fear vs. Worldly Fear

By S.E. Miller In Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms, Author Max Lucado noted sheep need protection from adders. Adders are small brown snakes that live underground, they pop out of the ground to bite the sheep on the nose. The small bite on the nose will cause an infection and the sheep may die. To prevent the adder from popping out of the hole the shepherd anoints the hole with oil to prevent the snake from climbing out! He can’t climb out but slides back into the hole. When we remain under the shepherds care he prevents the serpent (that … Continue reading Godly Fear vs. Worldly Fear

What the Bible Says About Immigration

There is much debate and consternation about immigration today. Yet, God has told us how to deal with the matter. In the bible you will discover His instructions are fair and just for the nation accepting immigrants and the immigrants themselves. In the book of Numbers, God addressed the nation’s leaders, telling them to treat immigrants/strangers fairly.  They were told not to oppress immigrants with unjust laws. And immigrants were told to obey the nation’s laws. Listed below are five guidelines God gave His nation regarding immigration. He refers to immigrants as strangers, sojourners or foreigners. Number 1: God designated sanctuary/cities … Continue reading What the Bible Says About Immigration

Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded

by S.E.Miller Image courtesy of marcolm at Dr. Dwight L. Carlson said in his book “Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded” “Traumatic childhood experiences and traumatic events experienced in adulthood may manifest themselves in various ways throughout life; poor school performance, difficulty in trusting others, low self- esteem, hysterical symptoms, psychosomatic illnesses, obnoxious or antisocial behavior, difficulty establishing peer relationships, impulsiveness, violence, overly compliant behavior, eating disorders and the inability to enjoy a healthy intimate relationship that exists between man and woman, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, manic depression, panic attacks.” Carlson said Christians often inflict more harm upon the … Continue reading Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded