The Dream

One night a lady from our church had a dream, in the dream
she saw an evil spirit cowering in a corner. She said he was actually trembling
with fear as he looked at her. While looking at her, another evil spirit
appeared, he was much larger and more sinister than the other. With heated
anger and rage, the larger spirit yelled, why did you let her go? Why did you
let her go? They began to talk to each other and she awakened from the dream.

The larger spirit was angry because she had been delivered
from drugs and was living a drug free life for the first time in years.
Deliverance from drugs was only the beginning of all the good things God would
do for her. Within six months she was married and living in a beautiful home.
All was well. Everyone marveled at her new life.

Remember before she awakened the spirits were talking to
each other. They were developing a strategy to get her back and unfortunately,
they did. Visit my blog at to see how they got her back.

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