5 Ways Your Pornography Use Affects Your Wife — Charisma Magazine

I wonder what he was thinking on the ride home that night. Earlier in the day, he received a call from his wife.She was doing some work on the computer and found a bunch of porn sites in the Internet history. “Have you been looking at porn?” she said as her voice cracked. His silence said it all. As she started to cry, she hung up the phone. He tried calling her back, but she texted him saying she was too upset to talk and that they would talk about when he got home.That was a story a friend told me about a coworker of his many years ago. I remember being glad I wasn’t him but also not understanding at the time why she was so crushed. As I have talked to women and read many stories similar to the one above, I have come to realize why it is so hurtful. If we think through and know the end results of our decisions, we tend to make better ones. I’m not intending to make anyone feel guilty, but the effects of pornography watching on our wives are clear. Here’s how your porn use affects your wife. Click Link Below for More.

Source: 5 Ways Your Pornography Use Affects Your Wife — Charisma Magazine


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