N.C. in the Bully’s Eye

North Carolina is about to square off with a big opponent — and it has nothing to do with college basketball. While the Tar Heels are celebrating the chance to play for a national title, the federal government is showing whose team it’s on with new threats over the state’s money. Furious that Governor Pat McCrory (R), a bipartisan legislature, and 70 percent of voters dare to block grown men from girls’ bathrooms, the president’s team is looking at ways to bankrupt the state into submission.Using federal funds as a club, the Obama administration has perfected a play that’s been quite effective at “persuading” local school boards and other governors to reconsider their position on radical LGBT policies. We watched the same cat-and-mouse game play out in Texas, when Health and Human Services tried to zero out the state’s Medicaid money after it stripped funds from Planned Parenthood. Now, Washington’s sore losers are at it again, warning that every federal department from Transportation to Housing will put the squeeze on North Carolina for doing the citizens’ will. It would be an unprecedented move — even for this administration — to punish an entire state for rejecting a gender policy that the American College of Pediatricians calls “child abuse.” Click Link Below for More:

Source: N.C. in the Bully’s Eye


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