Keeping the lines of communication with your child open – Peaceful Parent

Children need to feel emotionally safe in their family, which means that they can trust that their feelings and thoughts will be responded to with the sensitivity and respect that they deserve.  This level of trust is what allows children to be honest about what they really feel and really need, honest when they’ve done something their parent may not approve of and able to take responsibility to do the right thing.A child who lives with the fear of criticism and rejection from their parent tends to put a lot of energy into hiding their wrongdoings, which can result in lying and being highly defensive and reactive.

If a child’s mistakes and upsets tend to result in getting in being spoken down to, harshly criticised, being shut down (like being told to calm down or sent to their room), they may  appear not to be upset, but inside something shuts down and they become increasingly insecure.  Children and teens are still developing their self-image, and their biggest reflection comes from their parent.  When children feel shut down by their parents, it creates barriers to open communication and affection in the parent child relationship, which sooner or later tends to manifest as aggression, sulking, defiance, refusal to listen or cooperate in other ways. Click Link Below for More.

Source: Keeping the lines of communication with your child open – Peaceful Parent


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