Major English Novelist Bashed for Pushing Back Against Transgender Lobby | The Stream

English novelist Ian McEwan, author of the book on which the movie Atonement was based, has created a stir by addressing the recent transgender debate and weighing in partly on the side of tradition and biology.

While giving a speech titled “Examining the Self” at the Royal Institution of London on Thursday, the “Man Booker Prize” winner offered an unflattering description of the currently fashionable view of the self as self-definable: “The self, like a consumer desirable, may be plucked from the shelves of a personal identity supermarket, a ready-to-wear little black number.

”When later asked to clarify his “offensive” comments, McEwan said, “For example, some men in full possession of a penis are now identifying as women and demanding entry to women-only colleges, and the right to change in women’s dressing rooms.”

Continuing, he said:It’s quite a bitter conflict. Spaces are put aside, women are wanting to put spaces aside like colleges or changing rooms, and find from another side a radical discussion coming their way saying men who want to feel like it can come in there too. I think it’s really difficult. And I think there is sweeping through American [university] campuses a kind of strange sense of victimhood and a sense of purposeful identities that we can’t actually all of us agree with.

Of course sex and race are different, but they also have a biological basis. It makes a difference whether you have an X or Y chromosome. Click Link Below for More.

Source: Major English Novelist Bashed for Pushing Back Against Transgender Lobby | The Stream


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