3 Apps To Improve your Marriage | True Agape Newlywed Blog

I have a confession to make. Ryan and I just got smart phones about three weeks ago. Up until then we still had old school flip phones. They called. They texted. They told us what time it was. That was it. We finally had enough of the flip phones. We wanted to be able to take pictures on the go and have the ability to check in on our social media when we traveled. So we took the plunge and got iPhones.

It is a whole new world now! I never knew a phone had the ability to do so many things! Of course before we even had smart phones we would hear people say, “There’s an app for that.” With a iPhone now in hand I wanted to know what were some of the apps people were loving. I asked our community of women what their favorite apps where that helped them with or improved there marriage. After taking a look at the ones that were recommended I wanted to share three of them with you that I have been using. Click Link Below for More.

Source: 3 Apps To Improve your Marriage | True Agape Newlywed Blog


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