Anti-Free Speech Apologists on Campus | Heat Street

On too many college campuses across these days, the concept of “free speech” has become something of a quaint anachronism, as students insist upon existing in “safe spaces” where they’ll never have to confront an uncomfortable thought.Intellectual and political diversity is frowned upon; conservative speakers are routinely disinvited after students complain. According to a recent Pew survey, 40 percent of millennials favor government censorship of statements “offensive to minorities,” which is significant given their increasingly broad definition of what qualifies as “offensive.”The degree to which university administrators have succumbed to demands for censorship on campus is especially disappointing, as are the nonsensical statements some schools have issued in defense of speech restrictions: Of course the university supports free speech, but… Click Link Below for More.

Source: Anti-Free Speech Apologists on Campus | Heat Street


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