50 FREE Date Night Ideas!

Free Date Night Ideas = No Excuses! 

Date Night ideas that won’t cost you a dime?! Yep! That is right! We’ve got the BEST roundup of date nights that are completely FREE. In today’s times – who doesn’t appreciate free? We have LOTS of ideas on our site that couples can do without pulling out their wallet and today we have them all in one place!

1. Power Outage Date Night – Put those electronics away and turn off the lights for a night at home. Not only is this date free, but you can save money on your electricity bill!

2. The Newlywed Game –  See how well your spouse knows you in this classic marital game. You may learn a thing or two about each other you didn’t know before!

3. Spouse Sleepover –  This is the perfect date for a night at home. Enjoy food, movies, stories, games and romance right in your own home. And it won’t cost a thing!

4. Loveseat Lounge – Convert your living room into a romantic lounge for two. Enjoy an evening together without ever leaving the couch!

5. All About Us Charades  – Get to know your sweetie better with this fun game of charades. Includes all the free printables you need to play the game!

6. Getting to Know You Matching Game – A fun and interesting way to get to know your spouse on a whole new level! See how well you match up!

7. Time Capsule – Take a walk down memory lane with an evening of collecting your favorite memories. This time capsule creation is not only a great date, but the end result is priceless! Click Link Below for More.

Source: 50 FREE Date Night Ideas!


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