Raising Children in a Changing Culture — Christin Slade

Our culture has been in a paradigm shift for some time, but some more recent events have really given it a shove. The culture shift beckons that we shift with it because we need to be more open and accepting. People make the mistake of believing that when we don’t agree with their choices, we think them lesser people or are being unloving.God has set an important moral standard for His people, and obviously if one is not living for God, they are not going to follow His standards. That’s totally their choice and they’re free to choose. We all have a choice.That’s in large part where this major shift is originating from. The people leading our country are simply not living for God therefore godly convictions will not spill out into major decisions made on behalf of the country. Christians are now put in a very different and difficult place. Click Link Below for More.

Source: Raising Children in a Changing Culture — Christin Slade


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