Don’t Let Anger Destroy Your Family! — the Better Mom

I have a couple of big milestones happening in 2014.  In early January I turned 40 and in August I will be married 20 years.  If there is one thing looking back on my parenting and marriage that I regret the most, it has been my anger issues.  Several years ago I was listening to a speaker talk about dealing with a difficult child and how he (the father) was angry all the time.  He lost his temper easily, said hurtful words, and had become very controlling.  He talked about the damage that had done to his family and as I walked out of the room, uncontrollable sobs took over my body.

The Holy Spirit was convicting me and through this man’s testimony I saw ME!I came from a home of yellers, when I got married I couldn’t believe how passive my husband was in this department.  He was NOT a yeller but I was and I did it often.  There was always guilt after a big blow out, but it didn’t seem to make me not do it again.

It wasn’t long after hearing the man’s testimony that I heard a radio broadcast about a survey given to school children.  They were asked if they could change one thing about their mom what would they change?Guess what the majority said? Click Link Below for More.

Source: Don’t Let Anger Destroy Your Family! — the Better Mom


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