How to Stay Married: 10 Secrets to a Lifelong, Successful Marriage – Fulfilling Your Vows

With divorce a common tendency in our society today, a lifelong and successful marriage is looked upon as impossible. Truly, I believe it is a rarity. However, it is not impossible to achieve. Staying married “until death do us part” and making it successful is definitely doable even in our day and time. Let’s look at 10 secrets to encourage this mission.

1. Do things together. Make the time to be together, to do things together. Whether it’s something as simple as eating a favorite meal out, or more involved like a weekend getaway, make the time to embrace each other’s company. Don’t let yourselves get so busy you push this aside. And don’t make plans with friends first over time with your spouse. Our marriage needs this together time to be prosperous.

2. Compliment one another. It should be a desire of our heart to build up our spouse and point out their good stuff. Tell them how good they are at something or how handsome/beautiful they are. We should be looking for opportunities to compliment them daily. How special we feel in their eyes when we hear them telling us how special we are to them.

3. Work out your disagreements. Do not sweep differences or concerns “under the rug,” so to speak. Put them on the table and talk about all concerns. Working out the differences will avoid putting up walls and boundaries. Bring important issues to your spouse and discuss it in love.

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