Over The Big Moon 60 days of Summer Fun

This last month I have been busy working to get ahead on some projects and get some fun things planned for my family for when we first move! We are moving this week,  4 hours away, to an area where we basically know nobody.  So, I wanted a fun activity to start with my boys and do throughout the summer as we meet new people!We’ve had lots of fun with our past summer activities, but I wanted to try a new way of choosing them this year.  Especially, where my boys are getting older and are going to be able to be a little bit more hands on with activities!This idea is similar to Lisa’s Summer Jar idea, but I wanted to make it a little brighter and also divide our activities into areas!

The first thing I did is take the large popsicle sticks gave them the dipped paint look to the ends.  I attempted to get my boys to help me, but they moved onto painting rocks pretty quick.  And, honestly, I was fine with that!  I can be a little anal in how I like things to look!  I have assigned each type of activity a different color:

Source: Over The Big Moon 60 days of Summer Fun


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