Independent’s 1824 route to the presidency

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s longshot candidacy is dependent on attempting to block Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from obtaining 270 electoral votes and sending the election to the House of Representatives, according to a McMullin campaign memo obtained by ABC News.”Donald Trump cannot win. So the goal must be to keep Hillary Clinton from reaching 270 electoral votes and send the election to the House of Representatives,” according to the memo titled “How Evan McMullin can win and why it’s so important,” written by chief strategist Joel Searby.

“Once in the House, against the backdrop of Trump and Clinton’s deeply divisive positions and after a strong electoral college showing, we believe Evan’s unifying message will prevail,” Searby writes under the subhead, “So what’s the end game?”Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Says He’s Not Responsible If Trump Loses Why Evan McMullin Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than ISIS Why Evan McMullin Decided to Run for President It’s an apparent acknowledgment that a traditional campaign won’t work for the independent candidate’s uphill efforts. An election hasn’t been decided by the House of Representatives since 1824.

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