The Pleasure Trap (A Book Excerpt)


David said the same God that made grass grow for the cattle made wine that gladdens the heart of man (Psalm 104:15). So if God made wine to gladden the heart, why is there debate about whether Christians should drink or not. We are going to try to answer the question, is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages?

I believe it depends on the individual and the call of God on his or her life. Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach’s sake. He told the aged women (older women) not to be given to “much wine” (Titus 2:3). Church deacons were told not to drink “much wine.” Bishops were told not to drink wine (Titus 1:7). The average church goer was told not to be given wine to excess (Ephesians 5:8).

In the Old Testament God gave the Israelites permission to drink alcoholic beverages during festival seasons (feasts). Nazarites could not drink alcohol at all, they couldn’t even eat grapes. Priests were instructed not to go into the inner court intoxicated, implying they could drink but not when they were on duty (Ezekiel 44:21) (Leviticus 10:9). God told the Israelites to come and buy milk and wine without money! Jesus made 180 gallons of premium wine for a wedding celebration. So it appears “believers are free to drink alcoholic beverages, if they don’t drink in excess.” Meaning, they can drink if they don’t get sloppy drunk and start harming themselves and others.

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