Recipe: Paleo Eggplant Fries — Freckled Italian

I am so not a fan of eggplant. It’s just not my thing. What I am a fan of, however, are French fries, and while they aren’t even mostly Paleo, they are delicious. I bought an eggplant the other day because it was on sale and I was like, well why not? I usually roast them up in big slices and just can’t handle the texture. So I cut them into fry-like strips and baked them at a high heat and what I got was pretty close to French fries. They’re also kind of fall-y, which I know we all love. You’re welcome.

Ingredients:Eggplant, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper(I just used one eggplant, and Rob and I ate it all in one sitting.)

Source: Recipe: Paleo Eggplant Fries — Freckled Italian


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