Sugar & Grain Free Granola Bars – easy blender recipe

GRAIN FREE GRANOLA BARSBy Libby SUGAR FREE & GRAIN FREE GRANOLA BARSDo you still rely on muesli/granola bars for school lunches? Try these which are free of sugar, grains, wheat and naturally gluten free. They are packed with seeds and nuts and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.Store bought muesli bars appear to be healthy but contain an astounding amount of sugar, and then there are the oats and grains which your body will also convert into sugar. Avoid bars which contain dried fruit, they’re sugar dense and very little nutrition. It is so easy to overdo dried fruit thinking it is the healthier option. Dried fruit is a concentrated source of sugar and often referred to as ‘natures candy’. Eating a handful of grapes is far better than eating a few raisins. Whole fruits will still have the fibre, nutrition and water.

Source: Sugar & Grain Free Granola Bars – easy blender recipe


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