Vegetarian Big Mac™ | The Vegetarian Food Lab

So here at the VFL, Dave and I have had a pretty rough couple of weeks…I’m not going to bore you with all the non-cuisine related details but suffice it to say, with all that’s going on these days, I’ve been in the mood for some naughty food. This is hardly a shock as I’m not exactly the healthiest vegetarian on the planet, but I’m of the opinion that sometimes you just need to indulge your hankering for hard-core fast food and just get it over with. I’ve had a traditional Big Mac™ exactly one time in my life when I was a wee thing and I don’t remember a whole lot about it. I do remember how it looked A LOT different from the towering majesty of beef, bun, and cheese as advertised on the menu. It was difficult to eat. There was that special sauce going everywhere. And when the whole thing was over, I certainly wasn’t feeling too special about myself.

Click Source for More: Vegetarian Big Mac™ | The Vegetarian Food Lab


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