The Growing Irrelevance of Liberal Journalism | The Stream

There once was a time when the three major TV networks, one’s regional daily paper, and Time, U.S. News, or Newsweek composed the well-read American’s universe of information. If you lived in the hinterlands (i.e., outside of Washington, DC or New York), you never read the New York Times or the Washington Post, although the cultural and political intelligentsia, so-called, did and found them biblical in authority.   I have just described an anachronistic period of history, one now hard to imagine for anyone 35 and under. There’s no need to list the many means of obtaining news and information today; the smartphone in your pocket has them all.The “mainstream” media is preponderantly liberal. This is not an aspersion but a statement of fact. Chris Matthews of Fortune Magazine wrote in 2015 that “study after study has shown that the mainstream media leans left … it is safe to say that the median journalist in America is to the left of the median American voter, and that this affects how the news is presented to the public.”

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