How to Make Your Own Property Dedication Kit

Did you know it’s important to dedicate your property because sins committed by previous residents may give legal rights for demonic activity? You have authority to cleanse your property with repentance and the dedication process.

You may purchase  House Dedication Kits or Property Dedication Kits online or make your own.

I make my own kits. I go to the hardware store and buy a bag of SHIMS, I then go buy a small bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Communion elements if you want…

We write Scriptures on the shims with permanent marker. Also write them in a journal so that the family can remind themselves often. The Scriptures should be important to the family.

Consecrate the oil upon opening it. Pray that God makes it holy…

Pound one shim in the North corner of the property with a hammer, bury it.

Pour a few drops of oil on it and then walk around the out skirts of the property dripping the oil all the way around stopping at the corners and pounding down the other 3 shims.

Kneel down inside the circle and repent for any sins that have been committed on the property known or unknown. Ask God to come and kick out any unclean or evil spirits and ask God to fill up the property with His Holy Spirit. Ask God to inhabit there and use the property for His purposes and glory.

Sometimes we bury communion in the land or a copy if the lease or mortgage, too.

Then we enjoy communion together and walk through the house anointing it by placing crosses throughout the entire house, in every room, over the doors, windows, in the closets and don’t forget the garage, etc…

We then kneel before each bed, read Psalm 91 and leave the Bible open and slip it in between the mattress and box spring. Or…you can just type up and print a couple copies of the Scripture if you don’t have any spare Bibles around the house.

In apartments you can use toothpicks in the corners instead of shims outside.

Be flexible…

I also want to recommend a $2.00 teaching from called Defeating the Darkness Within. This is my favorite teaching on deliverance…

By Piper Lumsden~  Piper is a stay at home mom and minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a global ministry preaching and teaching via television, radio, tent revivals and the internet. Please visit Piper’s website at

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