Benefits of Fasting (Part 1)

For the past 17 years, I have seen many astonishing miracles and it all began after my first 40 day fast. Since God has called me to fast regularly, I walk in divine health. I have solid faith and I receive divine inspiration constantly.  My whole household fasts with me.  My children were raised up fasting regularly. We experience supernatural freedom and bring God’s victory to others boldly.

I believe the Fast Lane is a spiritual road in life that you can live on when you commit to regular fasting. Very few people are on the Fast Lane. There is very little traffic in the Fast Lane so it is easier to get where you are going faster and safer. The Fast Lane is straighter and smoother. The Fast Lane is elevated…making the spiritual air cleaner and more healthy. You are closer to God in the Fast Lane. There is more peace in the Fast Lane. There is more joy in the Fast Lane. There are more promotions in the Fast Lane. It is easier to obey God in the Fast Lane. The Fast Lane will take you to your destiny faster. God moves faster on your behalf when you are in the Fast Lane. The Fast Lane is further away from the enemy lines. Your prayers are answered faster in the Fast Lane. There is more of Gods power available in the Fast Lane.

Fasting will change your life. Fasting will change your family. Fasting will change your church. Fasting brings unity. Fasting will change your city. Fasting will change your state. Fasting will change your nation. Fasting will change our world. Fasting will bring you closer to God. Fasting will open your eyes to more of the things of God. Fasting will prolong your life and lives of others.

Fasting will increase your wisdom and revelation from God. Fasting will reveal more of the benefits and hidden secrets of God in your life. Fasting will thrust the Holy Spirit into live action in your life and ministry. Fasting will make you fertile.  (I conceived all three of my children while I was fasting.) Fasting will make you fertile spiritually, also. Fasting will reveal to you your destiny and bring it about faster. Fasting will produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. Fasting will enhance your gifts from God. Fasting is a part of the end time move of God. Fasting will make you a forerunner. Fasting will block or limit the enemy from attacking you and yours. Fasting will increase the effectiveness of your prayers. Fasting is still a normal part of a successful Christian life. Fasting will help you resist temptation. Fasting brings more victory in your life and the lives of others. Fasting will make you bold. Fasting is necessary. Fasting will give you cutting edge ideas.

Will you join the fasting movement?  Let’s TEAM up…in the Fast Lane. Please pass it on and on…fast…all together now!!

By Piper Lumsden~  Piper is a stay at home mom and minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a global ministry preaching and teaching via television, radio, tent revivals and the internet. Please visit Piper’s website at


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