The Benefits of Fasting Part 2

Fasting is a spiritual weapon. Fasting can reach what prayer alone cannot. Fasting will give us the upper hand in these days ahead.

Jesus fasted. In fact, it was the very first thing Jesus did just before He started His earthly ministry. He fasted for 40 days. Fasting was also a part of the Early Church in the Book of Acts. Moses was the first recorded faster. Kings fasted to receive direction from God. Corporate fasting saved whole cities. Fasting turned God’s judgment into forgiveness

There are many physical benefits of fasting. Fasting will bring healing to your body. Fasting is one of the quickest youth restorers known to mankind. Fasting will break bad habits. Fasting is humbling. Regular fasting honors God with your lifestyle. Fasting will help you develop self-control and discipline. Fasting will exhilarate your whole being. Fasting will speed up God’s victory in your  life and in the lives of those you pray for.

If you’ve never fasted before, try eating only fruits & vegetables on Wednesdays & Fridays. You can eat fruits & veggie’s through out the day if needed, then a normal dinner with the family and back to fruits & veggie’s after dinner.

You may also try fasting (going without) TV, the internet, or your cell-phone for a day. The object of fasting is to allow the soul to draw nigh unto God and this is easily achieved when the flesh is deprived!

By Piper Lumsden~  Piper is a stay at home mom and minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a global ministry preaching and teaching via television, radio, tent revivals and the internet. Please visit Piper’s website at


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