The Benefits of Fasting Part 3

Fasting is the missing link in Christian success today. I believe fasting is the “fresh word” of the Prophet, the “new move” of the Apostle, the “divine knowledge” of Teachers, the “unending love” of Pastors and the “momentum” behind Evangelists.

Scripture proves, fasting has the ability to affect history and save lives. Look at Jonah and Esther…fasting changed the direction of God, holding off judgment and summoned divine assistance to ward off untimely death.

If you are experiencing hindrances in your life, you may want to fast in order to experience the power and divine assistance that comes from  fasting. Remember fasting is the key to victorious Christian living. Please see the following menu for a 40 day non-clear liquid fast but please fast according to the number of days you feel led to do.

Fasting Menu:

This is not a clear liquid fast .  Milk is very filling.  You can drink Protein Drinks & Shakes, Equate, Slim Fast, Ensure, &  Adkins meal replacement drinks are quick & yummy!!  High in nutrition!! V 8, Clamato, Fruit Smoothies, Cappuccino, Floats & Milk Shakes…this will calm your flesh down. Be kind to yourself…especially the first few days until your stomach shrinks and your body submits to your spirit.   If you need five protein drinks the first day…so what!! There are several canned soups that have no chunks.  Tomato, onion, green pea, and cheese.   However, there is a lot of sodium in them and other unnecessary ingredients. I prefer to make my own.  Here are some of our favorite recipes:

Tomato Soup Cut up fresh tomatos; add water, milk and some of your favorite Italian spices.   Blender or juice it…Yumm!!   There is something soothing about the warm bowl of soup that will help you win this race.

Green Pea Soup: I bag of frozen peas, milk, water, chicken bouillon.  Boil in microwave and blend.  MMMmm!!

Cream of Asparagus: Cut up the asparagus, cover with water and boil…twenty minutes in microwave.   I like to add a packet of hollandaise sauce sometimes for flavor and blend…Oh Ya Babe!!

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Potato Soup

Cauliflower Soup

Vegetable Soup: I like to mix’m up…too.  One potato, some cauliflower, onion, and a garlic clove.  Add milk, water, butter, cheese, salt and gourmet spices. As the years have gone on…I have leaned to just blend it up raw and drink it now…no biggie.

Don’t forget Broccoli…ETC…yumm!!

Green Grapes & Ice:   Put the grapes on the bottom of the blender and liquify…yummy!!

Watermelon & Ice:   Actually any melon will be great!!

Black Eyed Pea Soup:   Just boil up the black eyed peas in water or milk and blend.   It is very sturdy.  Nice!! Again…now I like them blended raw…but it took practice and diligence.

Lima Bean Soup:

Bean Soup:   Be careful with this one…blending beans does NOT take away there combustible power…hint hint…wow!!

Cheese Soup:   I have melted down a block of Sharp Cheddar Cheese with a block of Colby & Jack in milk in the microwave.   Put it in the blender to liquify.  Great for the appetite after 27 Days!!

Corn Chowder:   I was really missing popcorn…so I started blending corn…drink it up…so yummy!! I suggest you eat a couple bowls of this before you go to the movie theatre or just be smart and stay away from temptation!!

They say after 21 days you make new habits.   Well…I usually just throw some veggie’s in the crock pot in the morning…and blend it up for dinner in the evening.   It’s quick, easy, and it’s nice to have the leftovers the next day.   Try to keep something quick and healthy on hand for those heated moments. I love to throw some fruit in the blender for breakfast or lunch each day, also. I need about two or three servings of healthy protein to keep up my energy.

Lastly…one teaching I read recommends eating a Green Leafy Salad for the first solid meal before you break your fast.   Another one said to start with an Apple.   Just please keep it slow and keep it healthy.   You will probably need to keep your body in check by fasting weekly after this so that you don’t go on a rampage. Be creative!!

By Piper Lumsden~  Piper is a stay at home mom and minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a global ministry preaching and teaching via television, radio, tent revivals and the internet. Please visit Piper’s website at


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