The Latest Debate in Micro-Chipping: Olympic Athletes

To combat the doping problem that commonly surrounds the Olympic Games, Mike Miller is considering the benefits of micro-chipping athletes. The Chief Executive for the World Olympic Association is investigating the benefits of this surging technological advancement.

“I’m just throwing the idea out there,” he said. “I’m gauging reaction from people but we do need to think of new ways to protect clean sport.”

Radio-frequency identification, commonly referred to as RFID, has been introduced to track animals in case they get lost, and a variety of other beneficial uses have been proposed as well. Imagine not having to worry about our children being kidnapped, or having to dial 911. It’s this kind of evidence that could cause toleration of consumer tracking, and wage the chipping war from both sides.

Liz McIntyre, a consumer privacy expert, takes aim at the downside of the RFID chips. She states that we live in a peaceful Democratic government now, but technology of this magnitude could be used to collect data by someone less than well-meaning should it ever fall into the wrong hands. “At any time, someone could use that power against us.”

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