Spurning ‘Greed’ of Traditional Denominations, Church for Black Men Will Take No Tithes or Offerings

Spurning what he describes as a culture of “greed” in the American church and the inability of evangelical congregations to translate “black suffering,” Jomo Kenyatta Johnson, a young minister from Savannah, Georgia, says God has led him to create a new denomination called Church for Black Men that will not collect tithes and offerings — ever.

“We will address black suffering. We will be a non-501c3 … meaning the movement will be able to speak freely and engage in politics as they see fit.

“We won’t be tax exempt, meaning that we can endorse a candidate. We can speak out against a candidate, we can speak up or advocate for particular political issues that we believe lead to black suffering or will stop black suffering. We plan to be a socially and politically active church,” Johnson, 37, told The Christian Post Tuesday.

Click Source for More: https://www.christianpost.com/news/spurning-greed-of-traditional-denominations-church-for-black-men-will-take-no-tithes-or-offerings-210685/


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