How to Blog for Emotional Healing

by Miriam Kinai  

Starting a blog has numerous benefits which include sharing your faith, gaining a following, leading people to Jesus, and finding financial freedom as well as living a location-independent lifestyle. However, blogging can also help you heal emotional wounds if you chose the right niche.  

Christian Self-Development Blogger

Talking about the issues which wounded you emotionally can help you release them. Blogging can also help you do the same especially if you cannot afford a Christian counselor and you do it anonymously. Therefore consider starting a free self-development blog to pour out the sources of pain in your life and you may find that as the words and tears flow, you will be cleansed from the inside out.

Christian Book Blogger

Reading books about emotional healing can help you heal yourself. Therefore consider starting a book blog where you review Christian books that deal with emotional health and you will resolve your issues faster as well as add new meaning to your life by helping your readers with your new found knowledge.

Fashion Blogger

Wearing the clothes you love can help you overcome feelings of shame which is one of the symptoms of emotional ill-health. Therefore consider starting a fashion blog where you will chronicle the modest clothes you wear each day. As you do this, know that this blog will be to build your self-approval rather than look for public approval. As such, any complements you receive will be added bonuses.

Food Blogger

A low self-esteem is another symptom of emotional wounding which can be overcome by excelling in something. Therefore consider starting a food blog where you will post pictures and recipes of the food you cook as you journey towards becoming a gourmet chef and you will realize that your self-confidence will increase in direct correlation to your rising recognition and knowledge.

Fitness Blogger

Sadness is another rampant symptom of emotional pain that can be cured by aerobic exercises since they have been proven to treat mild to moderate depression effectively. Therefore consider starting a fitness blog to record your journey from a fat and sad couch potato to a fit and glad person for your mood will rise as you exercise.

Dr. Miriam is a freelance writer, Christian blogger and the author of Christian Emotional Healing. She blogs at

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERS

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