Wisconsin Election Commission rejects Kanye West’s ballot bid’s

By Benjamin Yount | The Center Square 2 hrs ago

(The Center Square) – Kanye West will not be on the ballot in Wisconsin this fall. 

The Wisconsin Election Commission late Thursday voted to keep West off the ballot because he missed the state’s filing deadline.

“If we’re going to hold their feet to the fire on the number of signatures, we also have to hold their feet to the fire on the time it’s filed,” Democratic Commissioner Julie Glancey said. 

Wisconsin’s election law is clear – all candidates have to file their signatures and election statement “no later than 5 p.m.”

West’s lawyers said he filed his election paperwork 14 seconds late. The commission said West’s campaign was actually several minutes late. 

Republican Commissioner Bob Spindell was the only of the six Election Commission members to vote to allow West on the ballot, saying it’s not simply a question of timing. Spindell said there is a question of ballot access. 

“Mr. West is an African-American candidate, and I think we should do all we can after the terrible treatment the Black people in Milwaukee received in the April election, they should have a choice,” Spindell said.

But Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson said the state’s deadline is clear, 5 p.m. means 5 p.m.

“Consistency requires me to treat all candidates the same regardless of party, regardless of their color or any other characteristics of the candidate,” Knudson said. 

There are some Republicans in Wisconsin who are not happy with the decision. Democrats have said they were worried that West would siphon votes away from Joe Biden in November. 

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