Book Reviews

Sit Walk Stand by Watchman Nee

By S.E. Miller

Sit Walk Stand is derived from the book of Ephesians, chapters 1, 4 and 6. It was written by Watchman Nee a Chinese Christian author, preacher and teacher. Nee was born in 1903 and died in prison for his faith in 1972.

He builds the frame and content of the book upon key words or phrases from the text, Specifically, our Position in Christ (Sit), Our Life in Christ (Walk) and our Attitude to the Enemy (Stand).

Nee’s writings are well received and touted in Christian circles. In Sit, Walk, Stand, Nee says, “The life of the believer always presents these three aspects to God, to man and Satanic powers.”  And “to be useful in God’s hand we must be properly adjusted in all three area.”
The book is an easy read, containing only 67 pages. Filled with scriptures and personal life stories. Nee focuses on the finished work of Christ. He encourages believers to fix their thoughts on “being” instead of “doing.”

Have you been wronged by a neighbor, friend, co-worker, or family member? Have you thought about taking revenge? Have you thought about your rights in the situation? Do you feel as if your rights were violated?

Such a response is normal but improper. Nee notes as Christians our standard can never be right or wrong but the cross. The cross is our standard if we have been wronged our response should be based on grace and love. By doing so we will be conformed to Christ’s image and an unsaved offender may be drawn to Christ or an estranged relationship may be restored.
Nee believes the act of demanding our rights will cause us to fail the test of “walking” that is living a life that is pleasing to God.

The act of standing is an action that guarantees victory over Satan. Nee notes our task is one of holding not attacking. We don’t need to fight to obtain the victory. We are only to hold on to it against all challengers.

Nee says, the word stand implies that the ground disputed by the enemy is really God’s and therefore ours. He notes the difference between defensive and offensive warfare. Defensive warfare says I’ve got the ground and I am seeking to keep it. Offensive warfare says, I don’t have the ground and I am fighting in order to get it.

Nee appears to promote the idea that we are engaged in defensive warfare more than offensive warfare.

Yes, God has given us the promise of victory over Satan and opposing forces. However, I contend although He may give us a promise in many cases the “object” of the promise whether it is the promise of Salvation, or material provision or spiritual gifts, they are only obtained by God’s power as we “attack” opposing forces via faith. For example, we may have to attack doubt and unbelief before accepting the gift of God’s precious son which leads to Salvation.

As God and mankind work together in a battle against the kingdom of darkness; overcoming the kingdom of darkness involves defensive and offensive warfare. And offensive warfare appears to be the norm.

Paul visited various cities preaching the gospel “attacking” unseen spiritual forces in an idolatrous world.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil…He went throughout Satan’s kingdom casting out devils, healing the sick, raising the dead and opening blind eyes. This appears to be offensive warfare. He advised the people that at one point Satan’s kingdom was secure but now one stronger than Satan had come.

The stronger one was ready and able to spoil Satan’s goods that is deliver the souls of men from his power!

If the theory is “if I fight I win, because Christ has given me the victory; Nee’s perception gives me hope for the battle.

Watchman Nee died on May 30, 1972 but his books are available for purchase wherever books are sold.