Prophetic Words

Words Received from God on April 30, 2021

My end days are not now, My end days are not now, My end days are not now (Satan has tried to change times and seasons (Daniel 7:25) to bring about end time tribulation) But God said He controls the seasons! Now is not the time….too many souls would be lost!

I control the end days

I Am the One who rules and the One who Reigns

I control the Leash

No More Lock Downs

Lies Lies Lies

No More Lies

Lies Lies Lies, I shall show it ,They shall see

Ruse Ruse Ruse

End the Ruse

The Ruse has Ended, The Ruse Has Ended, The Ruse Has Ended

All we see and All will know

Shine Shine Shine

They shall see and know

I Am the One who will loosen my people

The souls, the souls I see the Souls (He is very grieved about the condition of Souls at this time-…crying)

I will loosen my people

They shall loosen my people

My people, my people, need me

My people need a Savior

They shall say look at My Savior


They fought against Mordecai

Words last month:

Pray that God will order the steps of the Military

Pray for the Military

Nations, Seas, Souls

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